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Artist Statement:

Art is a constant pain, a struggle that persists, and yet a vital organ that if removed, would be the death of me. 

What Inspires Me to Create Art?

My artmaking is more of a need than a want. I draw and paint and create things to capture elements of meaning that I can grasp, to build an imagine of of who I am and the difference between reality and fantasy. There have been times that mixing that up has almost been fatal, and I'm trying my best everyday, to remind myself that I am still here, I have a purpose and a reason to be alive, and that reason is my art.

The first 26 years of my life have been partially remembered and partially imagined due to the highs and lows of my previously undiagnosed bipolar episodes.Through my art I access a level of clarity that I cannot engage with anywhere else. It also helps to think that maybe one day the art I create will reach others who too see the world like I do and inspire them to keep holding on to life, despite how unforgiving it can be at times.

Other Information:

Ethnicity: Mixed African-Indian Decent / Sex: Female / Age: 27



Diploma in Fine Arts at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts 2008 – 2013  Singapore


Photoshop \ MangaStudio5 \ Illustrator \ Traditional Mediums \ Ink \ Acrylic \ Oil Painting \Watercolour


Freelance Artist at Self-Employed

2015 – Present  Singapore

Teaching Assistant at Chatsworth

2013 – 2014  Piccadily Circus

Art Instructor at Edufarm

2010 – 2011  Singapore

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