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The Meaning of "Aidadaism"

"Life is but a dream, within a dream."

- William Shakespeare

"Aidadaism" is the combination of my name, "Ai" with the concept of "Dadaism (A European artistic and literary movement (1916- 1923) that  flouted conventional aesthetic and cultural values by producing works marked by nonsense,  travesty, and incongruity. - Quoted from Source )

I have always been inspired by Surrealist Artists such as Salvador Dali and M.C Escher. When I created "Aidadaism", it was at first a logbook of sorts of different stages of my life, in the way of art works. Now having thrown away many of my artworks, all that I have left is Aidadaism, and in a way, Aidadaism is in itself, the ultimate artwork that I am creating.

Aidadaism is a collection of thoughts, ideas, comics, photography, blogs, vlogs and many other creative outlets that are dedicated to journaling my thoughts and feelings. For if life is but a dream, than the journal of my life is a dream journal, and it is called "Aidadaism". 

A Brief History About Me

Hi, I’m Ai, I’m a freelance artist based in Singapore. My style is a mix of western and eastern comic book styles. I currently have two self-published colouring books and I'm in the process of working on a third book. I am also working on three self-published webcomic series that are published on Tapas.



Diploma in Fine Arts at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts 2008 – 2013  Singapore


Photoshop \ MangaStudio5 \ Illustrator \ Traditional Mediums \ Ink \ Acrylic \ Oil Painting \Watercolour


Freelance Artist at Self-Employed

2015 – Present  Singapore

Teaching Assistant at Chatsworth

2013 – 2014  Piccadily Circus

Art Instructor at Edufarm

2010 – 2011  Singapore

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