"Life is but a dream, within a dream."

- William Shakespeare

Art in this category is generally PG works.  I have created a lot of things over the years so there will be a blend of different styles and mediums within the projects themselves. I have always loved the concept of Mixed Media thus I enjoy experimenting with different forms, shapes and textures, creating something new every time. 

Art in this category is generally art that involves explicit or mature content. A lot of my work is about the story-telling aspect and not just for the sake of creating something salacious, so if you are viewing this category you should be mature enough to understand that and respect my artistic freedom to create content that speaks to me as an artist. 

Buying Ai's Art

I have a few places online where I sell prints of my work. Feel free to explore and choose the seller of your choice to purchase my works from. In the future if I open up a little online store of my own again, I will add a link to it as well. Click below to find out more about where to purchase my art:

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